Skinny Dawg jammies are four legged jammies with ribbed cotton cuffs and neckband; all seams are serged for durability and for a professional finish. They are sized by the length of the greyhound's back, from the the bottom of the neck to the top of the tail (size chart). If you have any questions, just email me. : )

Available Jammies:

The jammies below are available for immediate shipment; each are unique and are sold on a first come / first serve basis. If the fabrics are still available, they may be duplicatable, please contact me if you are interested. To purchase any of the jammies below, please email me for details.

Pink Plaid Princess! SOLD!!!

These pink plaid jammies will make sure your female greyhound is not mistaken for a boy ever again! They are made to fit a topline of 27-28", and are built to accommodate a, well, slightly sturdier figure. ; )

$35 plus shipping.






Polka Dot Panache! SOLD!!!

These cute green with white polka dot jammies are for a 26 1/2" - 28" topline - either a larger female or a self confident smaller male. They are so super cute in person.

$35 plus shipping.